I'm Casey Lane. I'm dedicated to doing my part to rebuild the agrarian America that our forefathers knew and that made their communitiesmore independent. I want this for the health and happiness of my family and yours. I am married with two homeschooled children, farming and working as a fireman/paramedic.


Casey Lane             Text/Call 904-476-1401

"The Earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof;" Therefore, we see our role in                         the fullness of creation as stewards, not consumers.

Our Farming Practices

Livestock raised outdoors on fresh pasture and woods and ecology enhancing farming practices, no GMOs, no spraying, no routine use of pharmaceuticals, except in cases where it would be cruel not to, and helping others learn to do it.

Pickup our products at various locations in North Florida. Products are delivered monthly to Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Gainesville. Pickup in Green Cove Springs and Middleburg can also be arranged. 

Email for current availability.